Image journaling in Social Studies

One of the most powerful ways to integrate technology, social studies, and language arts is through the use of image journals. I was first introduced to this by Tracey Greggs from NC DPI. In an elementary conference, she spoke on how to use images to teach perspective in social studies. It is also a great way to get students writing. If we tie this in with a blog, students can respond to others perspective and truly begin to generate discussion!

So here is your exercise…

Of the three pictures seen here, which one do you most identify with and why??

Picture from 2006/3/16/142347/548

Picture from tags/war,iraq

Picture from

8 thoughts on “Image journaling in Social Studies

  1. I most identify with the picture of the soldier holding a child. My cousin’s husband is currently on his way home from Iraq. I am conserned about what he may have seen while he was there and if he will need to return for another tour any time soon.


  2. For two reasons, I can most identify with the third photo. The first identification is with death. I have experienced many deaths in my family and some have been due to war. The second is with protest. I find silence to be a powerful protest, yet one of the hardest to achieve because it requires great self-discipline. This is a reminder that we, as Americans, are free to have our own opinion and act on it. This liberty, which is often taken for granted, is absent in many other countries.


  3. I can identify most with the third picture. This picture makes me think of those who have lost a loved one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a war related loss, but a loss in general. It shows how many different people are linked by the same imbedded feelings without always knowing it.


  4. tarbaby, Hope your cousin gets home soon. My husband was in Vietnam. To this day he does not talk about it even though he wasn’t in actual combat. It is amazing to think of the people who have sacraficed so much for us.


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