Preparing for NECC

After taking a week off to vacation at the beach with my in-laws, I am trying to catch up on email and blog reading before I leave for Atlanta in the morning. I was so desperate to be connected (there was no internet at the condo) that I actually spent one morning in front of the Bogue Banks Library (connected to their wireless) in my pajamas in my car!

As I read three of my favorite blogs to follow (Weblogg-ed, 2 Cents Worth, and Cool Cat Teacher Blog), I am even more excited about the trip. Last year I went by myself but this year there are 6 of us from our school system. Several of the NCaect Board of Directors are also attending. That is the best part about NECC being on the east coast. Our system team attending should have some great conversations. I am also looking forward to the team-building aspect of it too!

Last year at NECC, I was just learning about Web 2.0. I am hoping this year to actually participate in EVERYTHING Web 2.0. My goal is also to learn about Second Life. I feel so stupid when I go to the site- I haven’t braved the waters yet. Maybe someone can help me get started.

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