How Do I Know I Know?

(This entry was also posted on the InTouch Blog.)

Assessment is not a new trending topic in education. As teachers, we use various methods of assessment tools to try to figure out what our students know/learned or how well we taught a particular objective. Multiple choice, true/false, and other paper and pencil testing methods are prevalent in schools. However, in schools that believe in Problem-Based Learning or Project-Based Learning, teachers have to be more creative and flexible in how they assess their students.

This morning, our district Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services (Dr. Meg Sheehan), shared a resource for rubrics that was more extensive than I have seen in a while. The website was developed by and for the University of Wisconsin-Stout for their online professional development. They offer quality rubrics on using web 2.0 tools with students, collaboration evaluation, writing, multimedia, webpages, gaming, and much much more. I recommend that you check it out!

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