Searching for Tweets

I have been working with Twitter since FETC and I am getting better at it. However, I am not able to find people effectively. I tried to search for my own account and did not come up! Crazy. Is there an easy way to find people? I am going to try to develop a list of tips and tricks for Twitter. If you have any, please let me know!

To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

For the past year, I have been reading about Twitter from some of our greats in educational technology. I have to admit that I could not see the purpose in telling people what I am doing in 140 characters or less nor reading what they are doing. At FETC this year, I decided to fold under the pressure and finally take a look. After setting up my account, I immediately started following some of my favorite bloggers (whose updates in my Google Reader never seem to get read and up-to-date). WOW! I did not realize that I would get little quick updates on their resource findings, ideas, and general information. By using Twitter, I did not have huge blog posts to read at night but through the day, I am able to read quick updates. Talk about the power of just-in-time staff development. I love to find new web 2.0 resources from Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher), keep up with the latest ed tech news with Will Richardson, and get provoking thoughts from David Warlick. I have also found others who give me information and inspiration. I have been TWITTERIZED! Come and join me!